Hello! We are HANADURI, a craft & design studio run by twin sisters, based in Seoul.

HANADURI – meaning one(hana) and two(duri), is a multi-disciplinary craft & design studio founded by twin sisters based in Seoul. We specialize in crafting a variety of handmade products that are reinterpreted with our bold and unique graphic styles inspired by nature, culture and everyday life.

Hanji Product

Since Hanaduri was founded, Hanji has become the dominant material for our product designs. With a curiosity for Hanji that has a thousand-year history, we strive to explore and create designs that could revive the uses and value of Hanji in modern days.

Minimal, Practical, Sustainable

Sustainability is pursued in many industries these days. When Hanaduri delve into a design process, whether functional or aesthetic, we start off with complex elements and end up with single outcome that we aim for. With this mindset we try to find a sustainable solution that encompasses from inception to production.

Design Soaps

We never get tired of playing with geometric shapes. One of our favorite projects is the handmade soaps made by Duri’s hand. It’s a collaboration work of graphic design and craftsmanship that can get closer to our daily life.

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