Hanji Label

Colorful labels featuring the originality and tactility of Hanji, made of paper mulberry crafted by Korean paper artisans

Hanji Label /

Handmade mulberry paper

Tactile quality of
Hanji label

Hanji label is a label sheet made with Hanji, handmade mulberry paper. Capturing the natural tactile impression created by the delicate fibers that is thin enough to allow light to pass through, Hanji label enables people to feel warm, vibrant, rich colors, and experience the material quality of Hanji.

Wonju Hanji

Hanji label uses Hanji made by the artisan who is designated as a national intangible cultural heritage in Wonju, located in the center of the Korean peninsula. Wonju Hanji is crafted with traditional method using the fibers of mulberry trees and water as the main raw materials. Currently, more than 300 colors and types of Hanji have been developed for various kinds of Hanji crafts.

한지라벨은 한반도 중앙에 위치한 원주에서 국가무형문화재로 지정된 장인이 만든 한지를 사용하고 있습니다. 원주한지는 닥섬유와 물을 주원료로 하여 전통적인 공법으로 만들어집니다. 현재 다양한 종류의 한지공예품을 위한 300가지 이상의 색상과 지종의 한지가 개발되어 있습니다.


HANJI LABELCirclesSquares
PAPERHanji / traditional handmade mulberry paperHanji / traditional handmade mulberry paper
SIZE29.7x42cm, 1 sheet29.7x42cm, 1 sheet
STYLE6 sized circles6 sized squares
COLORSWhite, Natural, Brown, Mocha, Yellow, Orange, Coral, Pink, Blue, Light blue, Mint, GreenWhite, Natural, Brown, Mocha, Yellow, Orange, Coral, Pink, Blue, Light blue, Mint, Green
METHODKorean traditional paper makingKorean traditional paper making

Water-based adhesive
Safe for children

Made in Korea